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Discover How To Maximize Your Use Of Your iPod, Regardless of Model (Nano, Shuffle, Classic, iTouch or iPhone) With The iPod Manual ...

No Matter How Much Experience you have!

The iPod Manual will provide you with everything you need to get your iPod up and running so you can listen to your with Music Library through iTunes, as well as exploring your iPods functions and applications!

Have you just received your first iPod and are frustrated with the sparse instruction manual accompanying it?  Are you wanting to know how to import your Music Library into iTunes so you can listening to it on your iPod?   Do you currently own an iPod Classic and are trying to integrate it with iTunes? Are you planning on buying an iPod Touch in the near future? Have you been considering an iPod iPhone as a replacement for your cell phone but are concerned about learning how to use it? If so, The iPod Manual will be of interest to you.

We've developed an inexpensive, yet informative, instruction manual  for people like you!  We've had to learn how to use of our iPods, just like you, and have based this manual on our experiences and research. Our newly released manual, The iPod Manual, is an easy to read, step by step instruction manual, packed with a wealth of useful, applicable information for the beginner to intermediate iPod / iTunes user.

Click here to see the Table of Contents, Introduction and first several pages of The iPod Manual for your review. We believe it is a comprehensive summary of the necessary information you will need to maximize your use and enjoyment of your iPod.

I have owned an iPod Classic for several years, but it hasn't been easy learning all its features! Recently, my kids each bought an iPod Touch from the Apple Store and there has been a whole new learning curve for them on their iPod.  The "manuals" accompanying our iPods were concise, but very basic.  Furthermore, we have found the Apple web-site cumbersome as far as finding information and manuals. It finally reached the point we got tired of looking and searching all over the Internet for the information we wanted and so began keeping our own records.  Having done so for some time, we decided to take the information we had compiled and create a "manual" to help others get the most from their iPods.  It has been fun developing it and now, for the first time, we are making it available to help YOU get the most from your own iPod!

We believe The iPod Manual is not like any other general or generic manual on the iPod series of MP3 players currently available at this price in any bookstore or on the Internet!

We believe our manual covers everything you need to know to get your iPod up and running with iTunes, integrate Apple’s iTunes software with your Music Library and to explore your iPods potential, not only for music but other audio files and, in the case of the iTouch and iPhone, the thousands of applications (“apps”) available.  To reflect the utility of our book, we have called it "The iPod Manual "!

The simple step-by-step instructions throughout the manual make it simple to work with your iPod.  You'll discover a wide range of tips for your iPod, including interesting facts that made the iPod series of MP3 players the success they are today!

You'll discover examples of how to customize your iPod with little effort! Not only will you find tips and tricks to realize more features and functions from your iPod, but you'll also learn bonus tips you can teach to your friends.

Here's a brief summary of what is available in The iPod Manual

  • How to get the most from your iPod Nano, Shuffle or Classic.
  • Making the most of iTunes.
  • How to organize your music within iTunes.
  • Learn how to copy songs from your computer to your iPod using iTunes.
  • How to transfer music, both manually and automatically.
  • How to organize and transfer photos.
  • How to organize and transfer your music.
  • Importing audio books into your iPod.
  • How to optimize your import settings for audio books.
  • Using your iPod as an external storage device.
  • How to use your iPod for map directions.
  • How to make smart playlists.
  • Voice recording with your iPod.
  • An overview of controls and settings for the Shuffle, Classic, iTouch and iPhone.
  • Plus much, MUCH More!

The most exciting part is that you can be reading

 The iPod Manual in less than 90 seconds!

That's right! You don't have to wait to receive your copy through the mail ... You can be reading The iPod Manual in the time it takes to make the cup of coffee to read it with! You can be downloading and reading "The iPod Manual"in just a few minutes. There's absolutely no risk for you, and no reason to wait - so Order Today and SAVE!!

The iPod Manual is an informative, instructive and practical guide resulting from our years of use with our own iPods. It is packed with the information we have gathered from our own search for information as sought to explore and maximize the potential of our own iPods. Here is your opportunity to benefit from our work and experience as summarized in The iPod Manual

Furthermore, this isn't a highly Technical manual where you can't understand a single concept due to technical jargon. Everything is in plain, simple English, so The iPod Manual is completely comprehensible and easy to read.

This one-of-a-kind manual can not be found offline, in a bookstore or anywhere else online. Click on the link below and place your secure order NOW!

This is our initial offering of The iPod Manual.  You can now get your own copy of The iPod Manual for only US$9.99

Your purchase is not only safe, it's guaranteed ... If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, we're not satisfied!

Our 100%, 60 Day Money-Back
IRON CLAD Guarantee!

If, After Reading The iPod Manual, You Are Not Satisfied With Your Purchase, I'll Personally Buy "The iPod Manual" Back From You and Give You A 100%, No-Hassle Refund!

('And you can keep the manual as our thank you for trying it out!')

So there is no risk, nothing to wait for ... nothing to hold you back!

Order Now to start reading The iPod Manual (Only US$9.99!)

You can start reading this book in less than 3 minutes Click here to get your copy of The iPod Manual! There's no absolutely NO RISK, so order now and begin learning how to do more with your iPod!

Here's to you, and your enjoyment learning how to use your iPod!

Warmest Regards,

Rick Walker



P.S.: Remember, there is NO RISK with your order.  We’re so convinced that you'll TREASURE the information we've squeezed into The iPod Manual that we’re giving you a FULL 2 MONTHS to evaluate it - RISK FREE! Don't wait - Order Now!


P.P.S: After this initial market release, we plan to raise the price to US$29.99. so order your copy now!  Order Now!



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